Summertime STEAM – inspired kid projects!

School is out! What better way to fill the summer days then some hands-on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) inspired activities? We were recently cruising the internet in search of inspiration, when we stumbled upon a GOLD MINE of ingenious project ideas at Left Brain Craft Brain.

Founded by Anne Carey, an incredible MIT educated chemical engineer and make-up artist – turned stay-at-home-mom, craft enthusiast, and STEAM blogger, Left Brain Craft Brain. was founded so that she could indulge all parts of her brain while inspiring her and her child’s creativity. Anne loves introducing kids to Engineered Craftiness because she says exploring the scientific method through art makes for the most fun!

Food-based projects are some of the most fun, so here are three current favorites from her blog. Click the photos for the recipe!

Layers of the Earth Pudding Cups


Magical Color Changing Unicorn Noodles

unicorn-cabbage-noodles-1-of-1-10-10And our personal favorite for its use of electricity:

Fruit Stand Circuits!


Check out her Pinterest page for more ideas!

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