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Summit Session #11: Implementing Montessori With Beth Wood, Founder Of Our Montessori Life



We are thrilled to announce Summit Session #11 which will take place in our private Facebook group on January 25th at 9am (PST)/12pm (EST). For this month’s live stream we’re delighted to speak with the talented Beth Wood, founder of Our Montessori Life, and a Montessori Educational Consultant.





Beth is a 0-3 and 3-6 trained Montessori Guide. She is the founder and owner of Our Montessori Life, an educational consulting agency for homes, schools, and communities looking to implement or refine Montessori principles in their environments.

Beth specializes in implementing Cultural Studies, Peace Education and Conflict Resolution in classrooms and authentic Practical Life activities in Montessori homes. She also works with schools and homes to find resources that are inclusive and culturally diverse.

She currently lives on the West Coast of Canada with her family and teaches in a 6-9 classroom. She enjoys traveling both locally and abroad documenting her travels with her photography.





Learn How To:

In this session, we will be discussing how to implement Montessori, with practical tips for applying Montessori principles at home and in the classroom.

The Montessori pedagogy is the largest in the world with over 25,000 accredited schools worldwide, and many homes using Montessori as well. That said, the word Montessori can be confusing. Where does someone start who is interested in knowing more? In this presentation, we will examine the main principles of Montessori and discuss the neurological and social benefits Montessori has on children. We also learn how to easily implement those principles in a home or any classroom.

Some key points we’ll be discussing:

– Montessori is for every child
– Montessori begins with seeing a child differently
-Small, easy to do changes have a big impact on your child’s ability to concentrate, to be independent and to be engaged in learning






Check These Resources:

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To learn more about our presenter, please take a look at her website!





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