Summit Session #4: International Nanny Training Day Edition Wrap-Up

Summit Session #4: International Nanny Training Day Edition Wrap-Up







Our Takeaways:


For this months live stream for International Nanny Training Day, sponsored by Nannypalooza, we were honored to speak with Tonya Sakowicz from Newborn Care Solutions about how to leverage your experience and continuing education to excel in your childcare career. Tonya shared the importance of adding to your resume in real-world applications and gave some great tips about getting more childcare experience by volunteering.

Then we had a candid discussion with the original Adventure Nanny and Adventure Nannies founder, Brandy Schultz about what it takes to succeed in this career, and what being a tour nanny with her husbands’ band The Lumineers is *really* like (hint: it’s a little bit like this)!

Next, we had the most eye-opening and informative session with Chelsea Miller from the Nanny Miller Agency who shared her passion for positive discipline, connection before correction — what an incredible way to approach little humans with respect and love. Positive Discipline is a parenting technique that allows us as professionals and parents to better understand the reasoning behind children’s behavior so that we can help guide them towards successful life skills. Chelsea shared some amazing personal experiences along with some insightful methods to work with the young people in your care to better understand their perspective.

From there, we met up with Jacqui Orie from the National Domestic Workers Alliance to talk about the incredible film Roma, and how the release of this huge film impacted the organizational efforts of domestic workers. Jacqui even told us what premiere night was like in Hollywood, along with some other extraordinary insights about workers rights and how we can all work to make equity a reality.

Finally, we wrapped up our almost four-hour event with the Adventure Nannies CEO, Shenandoah Davis, who spoke with us about how to stand out as a candidate for the right reasons, how to have the perfect interview, what every agency wants you to know about the application process, and more!




Where To Learn More:

To learn more from Tonya’s perspective be sure to follow the Newborn Care Solutions blog right here for the latest industry news, AAP updates, best practices and more. If you’re able, we highly recommend their training programs as well, from the online courses to the in-person events, Tonya is an industry leader for a reason and her classes are always more than worth it.

To investigate some of the strategies and behavior tips that Chelsea Miller discussed, check out the Positive Discipline Association and review their online resources, training opportunities, and informative YouTube videos.

The National Domestic Workers Association representative, Jacqui, was so incredible and it was an honor to hear her life experiences, and all about the hard work their team is accomplishing for domestic workers. One of the things they’re organizing around currently is a national domestic workers bill of rights which would create fair, legal pay and work conditions for all domestic workers. To learn more and consider becoming involved locally, you can check out their website right here!

For more information from Brandy and Shenandoah, keep your eyes peeled on our blog for resources, training opportunities, STEAM activities, interpersonal relationship/conflict resolution advice — and check out our free online educational group for progressive childcare providers,  Summit Sessions.



International Nanny Training Day Online 2019 was a success thanks to the iNNTD creator and sponsor, Nannypalooza, our excellent presenters, and most importantly our participants. We are so appreciative of folks like Newborn Care Solutions, the Nanny Miller Agency, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and the other pro’s who shared their expertise. Thank you for joining us for Summit Session #4, the iNNTD Online edition, and we look forward to having you for Session #5 where we’ll be speaking with a dynamic, driven, TedTalk speaker, Lisa Foster via Parrilume. To learn more about Summit Sessions, join our private Facebook group here for free monthly educational workshops that happen live so you can ask tons of questions, but are also available for you to view 24/7 as well. Click the button below to participate!




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