Summit Session #6: What Does Whiteness Look Like?

Summit Session #6: What Does Whiteness Look Like?




We are thrilled to announce Summit Session #6 which will take place in our private Facebook group on July 13th at 9am (PST)/12pm (EST). For this month’s live stream we’re delighted to speak with the talented Judy Blair, an anti-racism facilitator, and coach, and the topic is: What Does Whiteness Look Like?





Judy Blair is a talented facilitator who specializes in working with white folks within a larger racial equity framework that centers the voices and experiences of people of color. Her services include race-based caucusing and anti-racism coaching, and her in-depth experience helps people and organizations realize tangible results.

As a white woman who immigrated to the United States as a child, Judy has a unique perspective on the systems of oppression at work in our culture. Her immigrant experience gives her some critical distance when examining tough topics, but it also lends empathy to those who have struggled and continue to struggle. This blend of compassion and analysis informs Judy’s work as a facilitator and the way she interacts with people every day.


Judy says she “loves how my work constantly pushes me to grow. As a white person, it is incumbent on me to continue learning about racial oppression, listen to and raise up the voices of people of color, and challenge other white folks to see the world around them. I cannot do that without constantly interrogating my own reactions, motivations, and actions.”



Learn How To:

In this Summit Session, we will talk about white cultural norms and how they might be showing up for people either at work or in their relationships. This conversation can be beneficial for folks of any racial identity since we are all steeped in the same norms and values in the United States.

We cannot change our behaviors and expectations without recognizing what they are. Cultural norms and values serve us in different ways. Once we recognize the underlying assumptions in our expectations and interactions, we can start to examine whether they are helpful or harmful.

We often have more power to challenge big -isms like racism than we think, and in this conversation, we’ll investigate ways we can do that in each of our lives.





Check These Resources:

White Supremacy Culture by Tema Okun ( <– these are the norms we will be discussing

I’m Still Here: Black dignity in a world made for whiteness by Austin Channing Brown (

So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo (

Diverse City’s Learning Series, episode 12, Understanding White Privilege (

To learn more about our presenter, please take a look at her website!



We are looking forward to hearing from Judy on Saturday, July 13th at 9am (PST)/12pm (EST), and remember that you can access this, and all training sessions, 24/7 as a member of Summit Sessions!





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