We Are Nine Years Old!



Brandy + Shenandoah



Every time I sit down to write this blog, it feels like the year that just passed has gotten shorter. It’s hard to imagine that today, Adventure Nannies turns 9!


Much of the past year has been a pandemic blur. Our team has grown to 13 full-time folks across the US and Canada, we’ve placed over 150 nannies, private educators, and newborn care specialists in roles with families across the country expanded our local services to Denver and Boulder, and have had the privilege of meeting thousands of inspiring families, nannies, and teachers!


In the past, our ‘birthday’ (which Adventure Nannies happens to share with our illustrious founder, Brandy) has been a chance for us to reflect on our accomplishments and achievements from the past year – but this year, the events of the US and the world that have occurred in the last 12 months have made us realize more than ever two things: that there is a huge world surrounding us with nearly-incomprehensibly large and complex issues to address and solve, AND that none of us can ever underestimate our ability, opportunity, and privilege to live as forces for good and change. The decisions we make and the support we bring to our communities, no matter how small, can have lasting effects in shaping our environments into homes we will be proud to share with the next generation.



The Adventure Nannies team



To celebrate our birthday, we reached out to our staff and our candidates on social media to learn a little bit about some of the community-based non-profits that drive and shape their neighborhoods, and we are thrilled to be supporting all of them today! Please read on for the organizations we’re supporting this year and what they mean to our team.



Members of the Adventure Nannies team



Rain City Rock Camp – Rain City Rock Camp is the only non-profit in the Seattle area that combines music education, gender-responsive programming, and a commitment to positive social change. They center and support women, girls (cis and trans), and gender-expansive folk, both in the content of their programming and in the identities of the mentors who are a part of their community. Participants in their programs receive instrument instruction from local musicians and write, rehearse and perform original songs with the support of mentors.

RISE Coloradoworks to educate, engage, and empower families. They work with low-income families, families of color, and refugee and immigrant communities to put those most impacted by the opportunity gap at the forefront of the movement for educational equity.

Minnesota Central Kitchena very awesome, women-owned and operated catering company in Minneapolis (Chowgirls!) that pivoted during the pandemic to provide meals to the community.

Black Doula Projecta non-profit organization that operates as a fund to cover birth and postpartum doula services for Black families in the District of Columbia and Baltimore City. This organization is an incredible example of the benefits of mutual aid and they are wholeheartedly committed to reducing health inequity and closing gaps in care for Black parents during pregnancy and birth.

Boss Babes Austin – a non-profit amplifying women and nonbinary creatives and leaders in Texas. They create a lot of wonderful opportunities for creators through grants, events, workshops.

Germantown Community Fridgea free fridge and pantry stocked and maintained by community members via volunteering and donations, dedicated to combating food insecurity and waste in the neighborhood. Not only do people donate fresh fruits and veggies and non-perishable foods, but they have also started putting delicious homemade meals in bulk in the fridge as well! 



Adventure Nannies participating in the Nanny Relief Fund Walk-A-Thon



CAPTAIN Community Human Servicesa local organization that reaches all aspects of the community, with a focus on students and families in need. Whether a person is in need of food, clothing, a safe place to stay, or homework help, CAPTAIN supports those in need with respect and dignity.

Free Food Fridge Albanya small donation-based organization that was developed by an incredible local activist, Jamella Anderson. They work with local farms and groceries to fill several fridges that they have scattered throughout Albany (a city prone to food deserts) to provide quality, healthy, organic, top-notch food to anyone who needs it and to close the gap on food insecurity in the community.

R.O.C.K. San Francisco – The mission of R.O.C.K. is to nurture the healthy development of children by listening attentively to their needs and by providing opportunities to those who might not otherwise have access.

West Philly Bunny Hopa mutual-aid organization that partners with local farms and food distributors to help feed hundreds of families in Philly. They make, distribute, and deliver fresh produce, meals, and food essentials every week and set up distribution sites in different neighborhoods.

Camp Ten Trees – offers residential camping programs for LGBTQ+ youth and youth of LGBTQ+ families.

Nanny Relief Fund – a non-profit that gives tangible support to nannies in times of need. Our CEO/Co-Founder Shenandoah proudly serves as the Chairman of the Board.



Brandy + Shenandoah with Lenny and his cousin



We owe a huge thank you to all of the candidates and families who have reached out to us over the nine years, as well as our amazing team, who have found new ways to come together this year and somehow feel closer than ever (despite many folks on our team still waiting to meet in real life!) The future is bright and we can’t wait for all that comes next.


By Shenandoah Davis, CEO/Co-Founder



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