Adventure Nannies Fall Playlist: The Soundtrack To Autumn

Adventure Nannies Fall Playlist: The Soundtrack To Autumn





It’s that time of year again! Adventure Nannies is back again this season with our 2022 Fall Playlist, which includes some of our staff’s top picks for the season. Click here to listen! The playlist is not geared towards a young audience, but all lyrics are kid-friendly.





Here’s The Tracklist:


  1. Tintarella di luna- Mina
  2. Pain Shifter- W.B. Wooten
  3. Solar Power- Lorde
  4. Wide Open Spaces- Soccer Mommy
  5. Phoenix (feat. Fleet Foxes & Anaïs Mitchell)- Big Red Machine, Fleet Foxes, Anaïs Mitchell
  6. I think I like when it rains- WILLIS
  7. Lancaster Nights- Charlie Burg
  8. Management- Clairo
  9. How Dare You Want More- Bleachers
  10. White Roses- Flyte, The Staves





What are you listening to this fall? Please feel free to share with us on Instagram or Facebook. We’re always excited to get new music recommendations!



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