Adventure Nannies On Air Has Arrived!

Adventure Nannies On Air Has Arrived!







Over the last couple of years of explosive growth at Adventure Nannies, we have focused our efforts on creating a relationship with candidates that extends past helping a handful of them finding rewarding positions.


With over 10,000 candidates applying to positions through our agency each year, we simply do not have time to meet and interact with each one – but we don’t want to limit the resources and expertise we have developed over the last seven years to only candidates who are in the running for our sought-after positions. This is why at the beginning of the year we created Summit Sessions, an online community with live monthly trainings and interviews that members can participate in at-the-moment or view content afterward. We’ve dedicated our time to creating quality content that will be beneficial to nannies from all walks of life and at all stages of their careers with a diverse array of speakers. The group has grown to over 500 members and continues to grow with each new session, and we’re proud that we’ve been able to maintain this group as a free resource to all nannies and childcare providers that is one way we give back to the nanny community.



Another exciting and new development, and one more way of thanking our candidates, is launching a brand new weekly podcast. Adventure Nannies On Air will premiere on Friday, September 20th everywhere that podcasts are available.

The podcast is hosted by myself and the original founder of Adventure Nannies, Brandy Schultz, who now has a 1-year-old and an Adventure Nanny of her own. It has been a wild ride over the summer of recording our first few episodes with Brandy as she has been traveling the world with her husband’s band The Lumineers and it is fitting that our first series of episodes are all about being a tour nanny, and will feature conversations with her husband Wes, their nanny-turned-tour-nanny Meaghan, as well as a fair amount of anecdotal stories and questions that have popped up along the way.



We hope you will enjoy Adventure Nannies On Air as much as we have enjoyed creating it so far, and look forward to developing more and more ways we can support and stay in touch with nannies around the world. Personally, it is a real treat to watch our agency grow in so many exciting and unexpected ways over the last few years and for our future goals to shift from ‘what do we have to do?’ to ‘what do we want to do?’

Questions for us to answer on the podcast or suggestions for topics you would like to hear about can be sent to

– Shenandoah
CEO and co-founder of Adventure Nannies






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