Adventure Nannies Presents Adventure Nannies’ First Annual Worldwide Adventure Nanny Of The Galaxy First Annual Contest









Adventure Nannies is thrilled to announce our first-ever Worldwide Adventure Nanny Of The Galaxy competition, launching 04/01/21.


Five finalist candidates will be airlifted from their hometowns to the Ténéré Desert, one of the most remote deserts in the world. While traveling aboard the private plane, contestants will face their first elimination challenge: preparing a vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free rendition of eggs benedict for a family of seven. 


The remaining four candidates who pass the cooking challenge will be air-dropped from 27,000 feet via parachute to the center of the Ténéré, where they will compete to select the fastest and most reliable camel as they depart on their 700-mile camel race through the south-central Sahara. During this time, candidates will also be equipped with a micro recorder and will be expected to record both spoken and musical renditions of ‘Goodnight Moon’ from memory in as many languages as they can competently, with a minimum of Mandarin, English, Latin, and a romance language of the candidate’s choosing. 







The candidates who place within the top three in the camel race will then face a panel interview with Maria Montessori, Fran Drescher, Julie Andrews, Chewbacca, Jean Luc Picard, and Sally Ride to determine their capabilities of traveling through the far reaches of space.


Only two candidates will pass through the interview panel and then will compete in the FINAL CHALLENGE, telecast worldwide and to the outermost reaches of the galaxy – a zero-gravity diaper change taking place in the back of a Tesla orbiting the moon. The candidates (and the baby of course) will need to keep their seatbelts fastened for the duration of the diaper change. 


The winner shall be crowned Adventure Nannies’ First Annual Adventure Nanny Of The Galaxy and shall receive, in addition to galactic praise and honor, a $5 Starbucks gift card and the privilege of being the first-ever nanny to travel to outer space. Follow the link below to enter the competition today!