Adventure Nannies Year In Review — Plus A Huge Announcement!




It has been a banner year for Adventure Nannies in every sense of the word. In addition to working with innovative, creative, and globe-trotting families across the country and meeting exceptionally intelligent, whole-hearted, knowledgeable candidates, we have grown in a multitude of other ways.


This year, we launched Summit Sessions, an online learning series for nannies and childcare providers. We heard from speakers across the country on topics like RIE, teaching children to code, infancy to toddler transitions, conscious anti-racism, and much more. Our sessions were viewed thousands of times and we look forward to continuing to grow this free resource for childcare providers in 2020!



We also launched Adventure Nannies On Air, a podcast hosted by our co-founders Brandy and Shenandoah that has already received nearly 5,000 plays in the first few months of going live and has already been recorded in four continents as Brandy travels the world with her Adventure Nanny, her 20-month-old, and her husband’s band.


We were thrilled in October to win two of the four awards given annually by the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies. The Excellence Award and Innovation Award are amazing monuments to what we have accomplished in our seven and a half years in business, and we’re still trying to devise a safe way to begin shipping them across the country for our remote staff to take turns proudly displaying on their mantels.



As we reach the end of the year, we are so proud to announce one more milestone, and arguably the accomplishment we are the happiest about this year. After several years of growing admiration, working together on searches, standing up for domestic employee’s rights, and a couple of road trips, we couldn’t be prouder to announce that we are uniting with KITH & KIN, a NYC-based agency. Beginning in January of 2020, KITH & KIN’s founder Christa D. Nader will be joining the Adventure Nannies team as a placement counselor and, in addition to supporting our families with their searches, will be continuing to serve the nanny community as a public speaker, community builder, and advocate.


Adventure Nannies has always had strong roots in New York and is excited to continue to blossom in the United States’ largest city and expand our network of candidates alongside Christa, a former nanny, Montessori teacher, and yoga instructor, a tireless ally for domestic employees, and proud dog parent. Christa also serves on the International Nanny Association’s board of directors and is a tried-and-true resident of Brooklyn.



We first met Christa at an industry conference in 2016 and have been blown away ever since by her genuine enthusiasm, her kind and caring heart, and an unbridled passion towards sharing her knowledge and industry expertise with families, candidates, and others in the industry. We have enjoyed watching KITH & KIN grow and flourish over the last few years and are so excited to combine our services in 2020. We are truly thrilled that Christa and KITH & KIN will be under the Adventure Nannies ‘umbrella’, and cannot wait for those of you who are based in NYC to work with her!


Thank you for an incredible year – we are beyond lucky and cannot wait to see what next year brings us.




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