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Magical, Easy + Fun Crafts For The Unicorn-Crazed Kids




Thanks to some brilliant marketing and stealthy social media, the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino has taken over *everything* in the last week.  No doubt your nanny kids have been caught up in the excitement and anticipation of this colorful sugar bomb, and we wanted to give you some alternative ideas and fun unicorn-centric distractions just in case the real deal won’t be appearing on their menu.





As eye-catching and interesting as this new drink is, the behavioral aftermath of your nanny charges ingesting that much sugar is *almost* frightening to comprehend, but for thousands of people in the last week, that sugar rush has been happily intentional and well worth the wait. Unicorns are considered mythical, magical, and their energy is seen as an all encompassing, rainbow filled lovefest, so the idea that a frosty, supremely photogenic beverage could capture that essence made much of America say: just take my money, Starbucks.




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This cavity-calling concoction is a mixture of sour berry, mango, white chocolate, and according to Starbucks: “here for a few days only, flavor-changing, color-changing, and totally not-made-up. Magical flavors start off sweet and fruity transforming to pleasantly sour. Swirl it to reveal a color-changing spectacle of purple and pink. It’s finished with whipped cream-sprinkled pink and blue fairy powders.” Weighing in at over 400 calories and almost 60 grams of sugar, this new Instagram star is no small sip, and unsurprisingly, reviews are coming in that the taste isn’t nearly as satisfying as the ‘look’, so lots of people are buying it just for the ‘gram photos and tossing it! We figured, rather than wasting the money, time, empty calories, etc. lets redirect some of that free-spirited unicorn energy into some fun, creative + fridge-door-gallery worthy crafts!





Unicorn + Yarn Bookmark

  • trace a unicorn onto construction paper and help your nanny kids cut out the shape
  • use a hole puncher to create the tail, attach the nanny kids’ favorite yarn colors



Unicorn + You Hand Puppets

  • help your nanny kids trace and cut out their unicorn from construction paper
  • using googly eyes, yarn, foil (for the horn!), and a hole-puncher, help your nanny charges decorate their hand puppet as they see fit, making finger sized holes at the base



Recycled Magic Unicorn Buddies

  • help your nanny charges cut the recycled tp rolls into unicorn shapes
  • assist your nanny kids in painting, gluing, and decorating their new magical buddies



Perler Bead Unicorn Collectibles

  • show your nanny charges how to arrange the perler beads by shape and color onto the peg board to create their unicorns
  • set parchment paper over the mythical beasts and carefully iron them to solidify
  • allow them to cool completely before helping the nanny kids attach key chains, etc.


Paper Bag Hand Puppet Pals

  • assist your nanny charges in cutting out paper faces, gluing googly eyes, and attaching their unicorn horns to a clean paper bag
  • get started playing with your creative nanny kids and their new pals!




We hope this collection of unicorn crafts is enough to distract your nanny kids from craving the actual sugar-filled frappucinno while simultaneously kicking their creativity into magical overdrive.