From Nanny To NCS: How To Get There With Newborn Care Solutions



We recently had the fortunate opportunity to preview Newborn Care Solutions’ incredible online training program, and if you have the ability to check out these courses, do it! The amount of knowledge and tried-and-true insight that you walk away with is almost unfathomable, while the curriculum is also super fun and truly engaging. We were absolutely blown away with this training, Newborn Care Solutions is revolutionizing this industry once again, and we are so excited for others to have access to this fantastic resource.



Tonya Sakowicz is the dynamic founder and instructor at Newborn Care Solutions and along with her talented team, she has completely changed the game for infant care providers. In this brand new, CACHE accredited, CAPPA approved Foundational newborn care specialist training, the viewer is led through several modules beginning with a tutorial that clearly shows the student how to navigate the course. The actual course itself is extremely user-friendly, but it’s also really helpful to have a straightforward guide that details the process from start to finish.



The newborn care specialist course begins with defining the role and differentiating between a ‘night nurse’, doula, lactation specialist, and more. The truth is, there are several specializations that a nanny can seek out and in this course, you will learn more about each of these roles as you dive deep into the role and responsibilities of a newborn care specialist.



Once the role has been defined, Tonya takes the student through several incredibly eye-opening modules dedicated to clarifying the needs of a newborn ranging from the ideal nursery set-up to feeding routines and even sleep-training best practices. One of the most helpful portions of this fabulous training includes thorough discussion around several potential issues and ailments that a newborn may present with and what a newborn care specialist can and cannot do to support the infant and the family in seeking resolution. These individual modules are key to truly having confidence in managing the care of a newborn because Tonya includes personal experiences (from her over 30 years of working in the industry) to illustrate how these issues may present, what the warning signs may be, and how to react quickly and professionally while staying within your scope of care.



One of the aspects of the Foundational Newborn Care Specialist training from Newborn Care Solutions that sets their training apart from any other is not only the aesthetic aspect of the training (the videos are extremely engaging, professional, and visually appealing) but also the depth to which Tonya takes the student. After defining the terms around infant care, detailing what the role and responsibilities look like, Tonya then goes into how to establish your own business as a newborn care specialist including specific guidelines for creating a contract that protects you legally, learning how to attract new clients, working with agencies, and more.



We are so delighted to share this course preview with you and strongly encourage any nannies interested in specializing within the industry to check out this fantastic, accessible training from Newborn Care Solutions.

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