How To Rock Your Remote Nanny Interview

How To Rock Your Remote Nanny Interview





At Adventure Nannies, most of the families we work with are running a nationwide search and interviewing candidates from all over the country, sometimes even abroad!


Most families interview candidates over the phone or on a video interview several times before flying them out for an in-person working trial. For both the families and candidates, this can be a great way to decide if they could be a good fit for each other. The most difficult part of these interviews is engaging in a meaningful way. We interviewed two all-star Adventure Nannies candidates and compiled a few of our own ideas for candidates to engage with potential families in interviews and vice versa!






For Interviewing Candidates:


  • Come prepared! Adventure Nannies candidates like to come to interviews with questions for the hiring family, have their resumes readily available and re-read the job description ahead of their initial conversation. Both of the candidates we spoke with noted that they like to spend time ahead of the interview getting in the zone, by doing everything from listening to the Adventure Nannies podcast, to getting notes ready or setting up their webcam and ensuring they look excited and ready to interview. 


  • If the children will be a part of the process, prepare based on their interests. Perhaps you know that your potential charges are basketball fans! Learning a few facts about their favorite team could be a great way to bond and build rapport. 


  • Get creative or educational! This can be as simple as reading a book for the kids or sending over a simple activity ahead of the interview. If you have special talents- like magic tricks, painting, circus skills, or puppeteering- use them! 


  • Adventure Nannies candidate Marie likes to give lots of verbal and non-verbal affirmations during the interview. Marie notes that making eye contact, nodding, and verbally affirming what you hear can make a big difference to the family you’re speaking with. 


  • Virtual interviewing can be difficult. Be yourself and don’t worry if things don’t go as planned! 






For Hiring Families:


  • Hiring a live-in nanny? Have your children give the candidate a live video tour ahead of the in-person trial to show where they would be living, and any other common areas of the house, pets, secret spots, or special treasures they would like to share. This is an easy, natural way for the kids to engage with the candidate. 


  • Figure out if there are any questions the children have, and give them the opportunity to ask them or ask on their behalf. Remember that no question is too silly! Having the children be a part of the interview process can be a great way to gain perspective on whether or not the candidate could be a match.


  • Adventure Nannies candidate Elainy appreciates when families ask situational, what-would-you-do questions. She notes that these questions are rooted in organizational psychology, which gives the hiring family a good idea of what kind of employee they are hiring. Additionally, this gives Elainy a chance to think on her feet, and an idea of what working for the family might be like.


  • Trust your gut! Virtual interviewing can be difficult for everyone. Meeting a candidate in person and conducting a working trial interview is a great way to ensure your family is hiring a good match. 





A big thank you to Elainy and Marie for sharing their insights on the interview process! Do you have any tips on how to ensure a smooth remote interview? We’re always excited to hear and feature your ideas! 


We’d love to hear your thoughts about remote interviewing!

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