Introducing Our Exclusive Nanny Education Group: Summit Sessions

Introducing Our Exclusive Nanny Education Group: Summit Sessions






Adventure Nannies exists to bring the best of the best together, and we thrive when working with dynamic, independent caregivers and educators and introducing them to innovative, adventurous, and forward-thinking families. We have been so fortunate over the last six years to get to meet exceptional candidates who treat their positions as careers and are always looking for new methods, ideologies, and opportunities to learn and develop. In looking towards the future growth of this wonderful industry, we wanted to invest in the continuing education and growth of childcare providers by introducing the Summit Sessions.



The Summit Sessions will be an inclusive, worldwide group of nannies, educators, newborn care specialists and other private service professionals who will gather monthly for inspiring and cutting-edge experts and leaders in their fields, who will offer their expertise in the form of live, interactive sessions for members to take in, ask questions of, and learn from. Because we believe every childcare professional should have access to new knowledge and resources, we have elected to make participation in the Summit Sessions absolutely free as our way of saying thank you to the tens of thousands of caregivers who have shown interest in Adventure Nannies and enthusiasm in bolstering their own knowledge.



We aspire to bring learning opportunities outside of the traditional educational realm of ‘nanny education.’ Rather than gaining Pinterest ideas for summer craft projects or kid-friendly recipes, speakers at Summit Sessions will be joining us for topics including teaching children how to code, how to discuss gender identity, assisting families through divorce, separation or death, helping differently-abled children do their best, as well as speakers from alternative methods of education to give members insight into new and developing trends and practices within the industry.



New members can join the group, and invite friends, by following this link and stay posted for upcoming events, trainings, and sessions.



In an effort to make these live learning sessions accessible for everyone, including those who may be working when the sessions are scheduled, we will be sharing interviews and/or training sessions directly with the group after each session has ended. You will be able to access previous sessions that you may have missed, and access all pieces of training whenever you want a refresher.



Do you have a specific childcare professional or otherwise relevant pro that you’d love to hear from in Summit Sessions? Just shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to make it happen! We are thrilled to see how this group can benefit the childcare industry at-large, and we look forward to seeing you in the group!



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