Continuing Education For Nannies: Do You Have Newborn Care Specialist Qualifications?





As an agency we are constantly on the lookout for key resources that positively impact professional nannies and private educators.  In this active job market, obtaining the best position is highly dependent on the experience and certifications help by the candidate.  Parents want proof and certificates of training in today’s nanny and Newborn Care Specialist market.  In our search for some of the most effective training programs, we are thrilled to have found Newborn Care Solutions.  NCS provide in-depth, medically evidence based training, and they also offer individual certificates upon completion.  This fantastic organization offers integral learning opportunities for all private educators and nannies that seek additional newborn care experience.  We highly recommend this program, and offer a referral to each of our selected candidates.  If you’re on the fence about obtaining this certification, here are some of the many benefits of going for it!






Newborn Care Solutions Offer:

  • The highest level of training for candidates online
  • Allows nannies to consistently be the top-tier candidates for every position
  • Parents love to see a candidate actively pursuing resources and specialized certifications
  • Priceless industry tips, and professional insights
  • Convenient, engaging, on-demand, on-location training via the web
  • Increase in the amount of exceptional job offers for the nanny
  • Innovative + award winning online training
  • Better training = increased confidence on the job
  • Foundational level training + advanced training options
  • Opportunity to dramatically increase income for caregivers






To learn more about this organization, check out their website and consider starting this training today.  For more information about us including job postings, additional nanny resources and interpersonal tips, check out our other blog posts and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!