Pro Tips For Completing The Adventure Nannies Candidate Profile

Pro Tips For Completing The Adventure Nannies Candidate Profile




When new candidates contact our agency, we ask that they complete a candidate profile so that we can share a virtual snapshot of their personality with prospective families.


One of the areas of our candidate profile that seems to cause a few hiccups is the section where we ask candidates to share 10 fun facts about themselves. At first glance, this might seem like a simple ask, but in reality, it can be a bit challenging to decide what sort of information is worth sharing, and what specific details not only give prospective hiring parents a great sense of who you are but also present you in your best light. To help add some context for you, we decided to ask some of our staff to share their own 10 fun facts so that you can get a better sense of the type of information that you’ll want to share in your candidate profile!



Check Out These Amazing Fun Facts From Our Talented Team:


  • I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was 12.
  • I made the front page of Louisville’s newspaper in 2011, as I was a lead in a local play about gay marriage. Sub-fact: one of my fellow castmates was on one of the lawyers on the dual-state legal team that made same-sex marriage legal!
  • I have been creating a culture digest every year since 2014 where I log every movie, television show, play/musical, and book I watch and/or read. I log the movies I watch on Letterbox and have been doing so for a couple of years. I set a movie goal for each year (this year is 225) and so far I’m at 67. According to what I’ve logged, I’ve seen approximately ~1300 unique movies.
  • I have only broken one bone in life – I broke my pinky in the final weeks of 8th grade, causing me to wear an arms-length cast to my middle school graduation. This was a source of embarrassment for my mother when she showed off pictures of said graduation.
  • I’m a member of the Stage Director and Choreographer’s Society – the union for theatre directors and choreographers.
  • I can wiggle my eyes very fast and can make a very loud clicking sound with my tongue.
  • I have a very deep love of animals and often get choked up seeing cows in fields.
  • I have an affinity for free t-shirts like t-shirts shot out of air cannons at sporting events or hand-outs at job fairs, you name it. If they hand out a shirt, I want it – the weirder the novelty, the more joy it brings.



  • I participated in the 48-Hour Film Project five times, where I led teams in the writing, shooting, editing, and scoring of a short film all over the course of 48 hours. As of 2016, our team was one of the most winningest in the history of the Louisville-edition of the competition. I met my best friend in the first year I participated.
  • I’ve been a big believer in hours of uninterrupted quiet meditation + reflection since 8th grade. Try it, totally tech-free!
  • I had a bunny named Pepita through college. I brought her to lots of social gatherings, thanks to her harness.
  • Despite dreaming of this for 18 years, I started violin lessons in February! Great for quarantining. I feel most “alive” playing music.
  • At separate times within the past year, I have legitimately looked into getting chickens, a cat, a piglet, and a goat. I live in a Brooklyn apartment with a small backyard. Apparently, I need to move.
  • I have had (and still hold some!) 5 different careers in my adult life, including a Classroom Teacher, Yoga instructor, and business owner.
  • I’ve been a vegetarian since 2015.
  • I’m very into sustainability: finding new uses for old things, buying less and only things of lasting quality, caring for what I have and repairing what is broken (including 3 failed attempts at fixing my washing machine), gardening + planting, and generally learning how to be handy and do-it-myself.



  • In a span of 11 years, I completed 1 marathon, and run 5 half marathons. Just when I won the lottery to complete the NYC Marathon (a bucket list for every runner), I learned that I had a hip impingement + labral fraying, causing me to put away my running shoes for good.
  • I have been cared for by a wonderful community and family through some very hard times. I’m so grateful for love and mercy. These things will change the world.
  • I have an uncle on each side whose name is “John Francis” and goes by “Jack”. Both Jack’s are married to women named “Deborah”.
  • I hate ladybugs.
  • I lucid dream all the time.
  • I love walking around looking at houses and imagining how I’d paint them and decorate them and design the yard.
  • I prefer cold leftovers over reheated leftovers.
  • I once was caught in a rip-tide.
  • I never won an easter egg hunt against my siblings because I was the youngest (of five) and none them cut me slack.
  • I had my tonsils removed when I was 4. One partially grew back.
  • I can play almost any song on the piano after hearing it a few times!
  • New Zealand is my honorary second home, I’ve spent nearly 6 months there over the last 5 years and would love to live there someday.
  • I once lost a spelling bee on the word ‘pharmaceutical’.
  • I was obsessed with world records as a child and wanted to grow my fingernails out to compete with the world record – but my mom wouldn’t let me.



  • I was homeschooled until high school.
  • There are currently 23 musical instruments in my home, including a soprano saxophone, accordion, and a harpsichord!
  • I love personality assessments and take every one I can find (currently geeking out on the enneagram!).
  • I’ve broken 6 of my toes, as well as two fingers when a Sprinter van fell on my hand while I was changing a tire on tour. Literally onto my hand.
  • My best friend and I have been buds since Kindergarten, about 33 years!
  • My great-grandpa was a baker, and I have the best vivid memory of walking through his apartment door as a wee kiddo and him immediately handing me a hot off the press, made from scratch glazed donut. It’s crazy how that glorious feeling is still tangible.
  • I did the polar bear plunge in Lake Michigan multiple times.
  • I have worked as live-in and live-out nanny with families in Colorado, New York, and Connecticut. My last nanny job was with a music executive and producer.
  • I loved the Forrest Gump soundtrack as a teenager and listened to the theme song daily for months.
  • I completed a 500-mile bike tour of southwestern Colorado with my dear dad.
  • I’ve moved at least 27 times thus far and oh so gratefully purchased my first home in 2019.
  • I once won 2nd place in a women’s fitness competition, similar to bodybuilding.
  • My mom was born on 11/11 at 11 am, and she weighed 11 lbs 11 oz. I swear it’s true!
  • I worked as a glass artist after graduating from college and participated in two national juried art shows.
  • I was born in Seoul, South Korea and lived there until I was 9 years old.
  • I learned how to speak English by watching the Simpsons with subtitles on (…and years of ESL!).
  • I collect house plants. My favorites are Monstera Deliciosa and Hoyas.
  • My favorite creative practice is ceramics. I love making mugs and bowls.
  • I’m obsessed with number synchronicities – the number 11 follows me everywhere.
  • I ran the Philadelphia Broad St. Run, a 10-mile race in 2018.
  • My sister and I are both Cancers and INFJs.
  • One of my biggest passions is food/cooking. I live to eat.
  • My dream is to have a big yard with a garden, a chicken coop, a greenhouse and maybe 10 rescue dogs and foster cats…..





As you can see, your fun facts can range from info about your childhood, aspects of your extracurricular activities, places you’ve been, and more! The key to deciding what to share is to remember that the goal of the candidate profile is to allow hiring families to have an at-a-glance sense of your personality and skill set to help them ascertain if you would be a potentially good match for their family. So, what are your 10 fun facts?



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