Summit Session #10: The Educaring Approach Wrap-Up








For this month’s live stream we were delighted to speak with the informative and exceptionally talented Christina Vlinder, a highly-experienced RIE® associate and educator.

Christina Vlinder’s philosophy of infant and toddler care is inspired by the work of infant specialist Magda Gerber, who created the Educaring® Approach and founded Resources for Infant Educarers® (RIE®). Christina became a RIE® Associate in 2017 and has been studying with RIE® since 2010. She has been working with infants and older children as a nanny since 1999. She uses her knowledge of the Educaring® Approach and years of experience working with children to train other nannies in best practices. She is also a full-time nanny.

Speaking about her love for her work Christina says, “I love inspiring nannies to learn! My approach benefits the children in the nanny’s care while also making the work more satisfying and manageable for the nanny. I am also passionate about nanny’s rights: making sure we have respectful working conditions and a fair wage for our skilled labor!

I deeply enjoy my own work as a nanny. I love forming meaningful relationships with the children in my care, and the challenge of bringing balance and security to each individual family. Above all, I love watching the miracle of development as the children in my care grow and change over the years!”





In this session, we discussed the Educaring® Approach, also known as RIE®, which is a philosophy of care for infants and toddlers that emphasizes respectful, reciprocal relationships where children are active participants in their care. Utilizing this methodology, babies and toddlers are allowed to experience the joys of independent play and to develop in their own way at their own time. This developmentally appropriate approach to infant care is becoming increasingly sought after by families, all of whom want a “RIE Nanny!” Learning the basics of the approach is a must for nannies looking for work, and the gentle discipline techniques we discussed will benefit all nannies.






For additional information about Christina’s work and additional RIE® resources, check out these excellent recommendations.

Baby Knows Best by Deborah Carlisle Solomon

Your Self-Confident Baby by Magda Gerber

Elevating Childcare by Janet Lansbury:

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