Summit Session #18 - Decolonizing Education: The Future Our Kids Need With Iman Alleyne Wrap-Up

Summit Session #18 – Decolonizing Education: The Future Our Kids Need With Iman Alleyne Wrap-Up







Summit Sessions is an ongoing educational series for nannies, educators, newborn care specialists, and other private service professionals who gather monthly for inspiring and cutting-edge experts and leaders in their fields, who will offer their expertise in the form of live, interactive sessions for attendees to take in, ask questions of, and learn from.






For this month’s live stream we were honored to speak with the brilliant Iman Alleyne, founder of Kind Academy.

Iman Alleyne M.A. is an author, speaker, and educator. She is the founder and visionary of Kind Academy; a high-quality educational organization that focuses on creating learning connections that are STEM-focused, project-based, and student-centered nationwide. She recently published her second book: Black History from a Decolonized Perspective Journal. She also launched Kind Homeschool Kits: an educational subscription box that keeps students at Kind Academy engaged, learning and having fun while making prep work easy for families.

In this session, we discussed approaching education through the lens of equity and inclusivity, and how to actively decolonize the learning process for the children in our care.


Shared with permission via Iman Alleyne




In this session we talked about:

  • How to decolonize education
  • Having an inclusive homeschool or classroom
  • Highlighting diverse cultures in lesson planning



Shared with permission via Iman Alleyne




To learn more about our presenter, please check out Kind Academy!



Shared with permission via Iman Alleyne



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