Summit Session #21 - Montessori At Home: Nurturing Child Development In The Early Years With Blanca Sobhan

Summit Session #21 – Montessori At Home: Nurturing Child Development In The Early Years With Blanca Sobhan




Summit Sessions is an ongoing educational series for nannies, educators, newborn care specialists, and other private service professionals who gather monthly for inspiring and cutting-edge experts and leaders in their fields, who will offer their expertise in the form of live, interactive sessions for attendees to take in, ask questions of, and learn from.





In this free session, featuring Blanca Sobhan, Founder of Giggle + Grow, we will be learning more about incorporating Montessori methodology in the early years!

Join us for this free educational webinar on Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 at 11am PST // 2pm EST by registering through the link below!





About The Presenter:

Blanca Sobhan is a Montessori teacher who uses the Montessori method to design child-friendly spaces and create engaging activities at home. Blanca is particularly passionate about early childhood education, multilingual immersion, and most of all, helping children’s intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being.

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What You’ll Learn:

In this session, featuring Blanca Sobhan, an extraordinary Montessori Consultant and Founder of Giggle + Grow, we’ll learn all about setting up Montessori-style spaces at home to support a love of learning and independence. We’ll also talk about creating developmentally appropriate activities, and crafting a personalized child-centered curriculum through observation. Follow the link below to register for this free event, and be sure to join our Facebook group to watch recordings of the previous twenty sessions.

In this session you will learn more about:⁣

  • How the Montessori method can make things easier for everyone in the early years 
  • How the right toys & materials can help your child clean up and learn with purpose 
  • How having a curriculum plan just for your child will help you never run out of ideas and exceed all major developmental milestones from infancy to elementary





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