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Educational + Proactive D.C. Nanny Needed For Infant

    A professional, loving family based in Washington, DC is seeking an enthusiastic, creative, and intellectually curious nanny to care for their 4-month-old girl. They are excited to work alongside their nanny in nurturing their daughter’s curiosity and individuality.   These dual-working parents have thoughtfully prioritized creating an environment for their child where she …read more

Full-Time, Fun-Loving Nanny Needed In Berkeley

    A heart-filled and professional family in Berkeley, California is seeking a proactive, enthusiastic, professional, and immersive nanny to care for their two 3-year-old boys and 5-month-old girl. Both parents in this family are hardworking, loving, and very dedicated to their children. They place a high value on making sure their children feel loved, …read more