Summit Session #5: A Conversation About Superheroes + Self-Awareness With Lisa Foster




We are thrilled to announce Summit Session #5 which will take place in our private Facebook group on May 11th at 9am (PST)/12pm (EST). For this months live stream we’re delighted to speak with the talented Lisa Foster, a TEDx speaker, personality coach, and esteemed owner of Parillume, to discuss Superpowers & Self-Awareness.


Lisa Foster is a strengths and personality speaker, consultant and coach committed to creating cultures of honor, compassion and impact. As the founder of Parillume, she empowers dynamic professionals to harness the power of personality to transform their teams, lives and bottom line. Her Shine from Your Original Design℠ program – where she combines and helps people apply results from StrengthsFinder, Myers Briggs and the Enneagram – has benefited individuals, families, professional teams, and community groups throughout the US. Lisa loves to be able to be a mirror to people’s greatness and provide them with simple, practical tools to increase engagement, healthy communication, and positive outcomes in their personal and professional lives.





Defining The Process

To tackle personal or professional challenges, Lisa and her work at Parillume encourage you to first, accept the personalities at play. Assessment data illuminates the Accept stage: Lisa integrates StrengthsFinder, Myers Briggs, and the Enneagram to generate an internal lens shift from reaction to response, criticism to compassion. Lisa will be sharing her perspective with us for Summit Session #5 in a presentation titled:


Shifting the Lens: How to Shine From Your Original Design

When it comes to living our best lives, we can’t underestimate the influence of innate personality patterns: our unconscious motives, reactions, triggers, and fears. Shifting the Lens is a fun, enlightening presentation that shows how we can adjust our internal lens, revealed and understood through the Enneagram*, to see ourselves and others with clarity and compassion – and to act with wisdom and intention. Crack the code of your deepest self to shift from reactive to proactive, and from unconscious habit to conscious, empowered leadership!


Learn How To:

– Shift from reactive to proactive, and from unconscious habit to conscious, empowered leadership
– Replace the internal lens of judgment and criticism with the lens of compassion and honor
– Learn simple, concrete tools to improve communication, engagement, and impact

* The Enneagram is a well-established personality assessment – based on 9 basic Types – that provides prescriptive results: It reveals not only your driving motivations and default coping mechanisms but how to upgrade to a healthier, more effective You. Take a free Enneagram test at; or take a more in-depth test for $12 at We suggest completing this before Lisa’s presentation to get the maximum benefit from the conversation.





This thorough process outlines just some of the work that Lisa and her team do for corporate teams, and interpersonal teams & relationships, and she’s going to have some eye-opening and inspiring perspectives to share when it comes to navigating the delicate dynamic in a domestic working relationship. We are looking forward to hearing from Lisa on Saturday, May 11th at 9am (PST)/12pm (EST), and remember that you can access this, and all training sessions, 24/7 as a member of Summit Sessions!





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