Summit Session #5: Superheroes + Self-Awareness With Lisa Foster Wrap-Up


Lisa Foster, Parillume





Our Takeaways:



For this month’s live stream we were honored to speak with Lisa Foster, owner of Parillume, strengths + personality speaker, consultant, and coach about Shifting the Lens: How to Shine From Your Original Design.

Lisa Foster is a strengths and personality speaker, consultant and coach committed to creating cultures of honor, compassion, and impact. As the founder of Parillume, she empowers dynamic professionals to harness the power of personality to transform their teams, lives, and bottom line. Her Shine from Your Original Design℠ program – where she combines and helps people apply results from StrengthsFinder, Myers Briggs, and the Enneagram – has benefited individuals, families, professional teams, and community groups throughout the US.

Lisa spoke with us about understanding individual strengths and discovering how that understanding can positively impact your course in life. When it comes to living our best lives, we can’t underestimate the influence of innate personality patterns: our unconscious motives, reactions, triggers, and fears. Shifting the Lens was a fun, enlightening presentation that showed how we can adjust our internal lens, revealed and understood through the Enneagram*, to see ourselves and others with clarity and compassion – and to act with wisdom and intention. After watching this session, you’ll feel more prepared to crack the code of your deepest self to shift from reactive to proactive, and from unconscious habit to conscious, empowered leadership. In viewing this Summit Session you’ll see how to:

– Shift from reactive to proactive, and from unconscious habit to conscious, empowered leadership
– Replace the internal lens of judgment and criticism with the lens of compassion and honor
– Learn simple, concrete tools to improve communication, engagement, and impact


* The Enneagram is a well-established personality assessment – based on 9 basic Types – that provides prescriptive results: It reveals not only your driving motivations and default coping mechanisms but how to upgrade to a healthier, more effective You. Take a free Enneagram test at; or take a more in-depth test for $12 at We suggest completing this prior to watching Lisa’s presentation to get the maximum benefit from the session.





Where To Learn More:


To learn more from Lisa’s perspective be sure to follow Parillume on social media at:




For additional information about Lisa’s presentation, check out these excellent recommendations from Parillume.

-The Enneagram Institute (

-The Wisdom of the Enneagram (book)

-Beatrice Chesnut – The Complete Enneagram (book)

-Ian Morgan Cron – The Road Back To You (book) + Typology (podcast)

If you’re able, we absolutely recommend Lisa’s individual and team sessions as well, from the Skype calls to the in-person events, Lisa is an exceptional resource and her sessions are always worth it.

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