November Candidate Spotlight -- Diamond!

November Candidate Spotlight — Diamond!


Diamond K.


Adventure Nannies is excited to share our most recent Candidate Spotlight! We are so thrilled to know a network of incredible caregivers, teachers, family supporters, and adventurers, and want to make sure we take a moment to shine a light on their hard work and dedication.


Let’s Learn About Diamond:

This month, we are thrilled to feature an extraordinary Adventure Nanny, Diamond K., an amazing Newborn Care Specialist with years of experience in professional childcare. She has her certificate of training from the brilliant folks at Newborn Care Solutions and has also obtained a certificate in attachment theory, child nutrition, in addition to completing courses in infant massage and Montessori in the home.





What are you into right now?

Reading personal development and child development books and being active throughout the day. I’m also into discovering new brands of clothes and gear and finding my new style.


What is one of your most treasured moments when working with children?

One of my most treasured moments when working with children is seeing them absorb what we have been learning and asserting their independence with it. The proud look of accomplishment on their faces also makes me feel proud!


What are your favorite de-stressing self-care routines that are accessible for any budget?

My favorite de-stressing self-care routines accessible for any budget involves washing my own hair at home or at the salon, yoga (can be done at home as well), going for a long walk or run, getting manicures and pedicures (whether I do it myself or head to a nail salon), taking a nap, or a warm bubble bath.





What is one piece of life advice you hold dear?

Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.


What advice would you give to other nannies for staying calm and collected while working during a pandemic?

Decompress after your workday is over! Whether it is a long evening walk, ordering in from your favorite place, or anything that is relaxing. Having someone to talk/vent to is also a good way to stay calm. If you get to the point of being too stressed, take a mental health day! You won’t effective to the children you work with if you aren’t in a calm state of mind.


What song(s) are currently on your most-played playlist?

My playlist consists of lots of Soca and Afrobeats songs, such as Counting My Blessings, and Essence, and Love Nwantiti.





Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

I have recently been accepted into Newborn Care Solutions’s Elite NCS Program and I am excited to further climb the ladder in my NCS career!


What are your favorite non-profits?

Room To Grow*, an extraordinary non-profit organization committed to supporting parents and caregivers by providing critical support to families raising babies born into low-income circumstances. They provide parents and caregivers with essential baby and toddler items, strategies and support to promote their children’s development, and connections to community resources that can meaningfully expand their support network. Their dynamic, wrap-around approach addresses the multitude of needs facing parents raising children in these earliest years and provides the surest opportunity for establishing a strong foundation in life.





Thank you, Diamond – all of us at Adventure Nannies are eager to see what you do next!

*We are thrilled to have made a donation to Room To Grow in Diamond’s name.


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