Big news - we are the newest members of APNA! - Adventure Nannies

Big news – we are the newest members of APNA!

Adventure Nannies is now a member of APNA!

After several months of rigorous reviews of our processes, practice, and ethics, we are proud to announce Adventure Nannies is an official APNA member! This means clients, nannies, and private educators can expect a service that complies with the APNA standards of ethics and business practices.

What joining APNA means to us:

We love what we do- we get to empower people to live in a way that inspires them. For families it may be traveling the world, worldschooling,¬†maintaining a healthy career and family life, or supporting your child’s growth and development by finding them a long-term mentor and educator. For nannies and educators, its getting to make a positive and profound impact on the children’s lives they work with while maintaining viable and important career.

After 4 years of this rewarding work, we have deconstructed and re-built our processes to develop a system that we believe serves our community best. Joining APNA has been a goal for us from the start, and our acceptance into their elite circle is a true honor, and testament to these practices and policies. We are honored to have their seal of approval on our business.

About APNA

There are no federal guidelines for nanny agencies, so the caliber of service can varies greatly. APNA is a voluntary membership organization that establishes and enforces standards of professional industry practices and requires the agency has been in business for at least three years. They believe that businesses that choose to put their contracts, forms, applications, and policies up for scrutiny by other agencies are a cut above. They are the best of the best. APNA agencies must be accountable not only to families and nannies, but to their own trade organization, as well.

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If you are interested in experiencing our APNA quality service first hand, get in touch!